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Live a freer life through companionship and personal care assistance

We recognize that some patients have difficulty functioning or moving on their own in their homes. Some need companionship and personal assistance, whether for just the weekend or a long period throughout their retirement. To address this need, Blue Star Home Healthcare offers Companionship and Personal Care with trained staff who are ready to assist you in your own homes. Our goal is for you to live comfortably despite your health issues and elderly life challenges.

Companionship and Personal Care Services

  • AM and PM Care
  • Gardening Assistance
  • Visiting the Client’s Family or Friends
  • Watching Movies
  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities
  • Monitoring Expiry Dates for Foods
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Assistance with Homemaking
  • Assist with Walking
  • Preparing Shopping List
  • Playing Cards
  • Planning Daily Schedule
  • Arrange Medical Appointments
  • Assistance with Clothing Selection

Blue Star Home Healthcare ensures only the finest for your health care needs. For more inquires, you may reach us by sending an online message. Send us a message.