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Restoring your mobility and quality of life

Let us say that you experienced an accident. You have received medical treatment, healed in the hospital, and finally, your doctor has given you the green signal to continue living your life outside the hospital. But to live normally like before, you need to address the changes in your body and receive treatments that will enable you to do your tasks efficiently. What are these treatments, and who will prescribe the right treatment for your unique needs?

At Blue Star Home Healthcare, we cater to the rehabilitative needs of the patient after hospital discharge. Physical Therapists in our team are trained and experienced in providing a wide range of treatment services to home-bound patients.

These services include:

  • Sports Physical Therapy
  • Management of Primary Lymphedema
  • Muscle Re-Education
  • Active and Passive Joint Mobility Training
  • Gait and Stair Training
  • Pediatric Therapy
  • Post Surgery Care
  • Balance Restoration
  • Relearning Self-Care Skills
  • Developing a Home Exercise Program for Patient
  • Proper Positioning
  • Mobility Assistive Devices Training
  • Minimizing Fall Risk for the Patient

Blue Star Home Healthcare ensures only the finest for your health care needs. For more inquires, you may reach us by sending an online message. Send us a message.